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Extract data and media from any website you are visiting with the help of this intuitive web scraper that can carry out comprehensive explorations.

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OutWit Hub Light Description

Collecting info from the websites you are visiting is a task that implies more work than meets the eye, and for a thorough approach, a software utility is required.

OutWit Hub Light is one such program that can extract all sorts of data from the web and organize it in a transparent manner.

Resourceful web scraper sporting an intuitive GUI

First of all, you need to know that the program sports an intuitive user interface that should recommend it as a solution aimed not only at techies but also less seasoned individuals who want to collect various details about a web page.

All you need to do in order to start using the application is type in a website’s URL, with the panel on the left providing you with a multitude of details.

Lists of links, documents, images, and contacts the program spots on said web page are compiled, and you can store them for later use.

Lets you extract and export various data from your online sources

What’s more, the software utility can differentiate text from any other type of content and extract significant words or strings of text found in the analyzed website’s source code, with common occurrences being disregarded.

As for automators, you have four options: queries, scrapers, macros, and jobs. You can easily manage all of them, with the possibility of creating new ones, deleting them, importing or exporting them, and more.

For extra convenience, four data views are available, namely tables, lists, guess, and scraped. While the first two can extract data in a clear-cut structure, the other ones can either automatically recognize the data structure or let you manually define it.

Needless to say, exporting all this data is possible with the help of the “File” menu, which integrates various output settings. You can thus save content as XML, CSV, vCard, HTML, SQL files, and more.

Reliable software utility that can collect web content

On an ending note, OutWit Hub Light is a complex piece of software that is capable of collecting data from your online sources. The array of info it provides you with is generous enough to be the starting point of a thorough SEO analysis while the intuitive GUI enables even inexperienced users to isolate details they are interested in.

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