Outlook Profiler

A reliable and easy to use application that enables you to create or modify Outlook profiles automatically for Outlook 97 through 2013.

  • Outlook Profiler
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Outlook Profiler Description

Outlook Profiler is a simple to use application that enables you to create and modify server profiles for your email client, as well as for Outlook Exchange.You can easily configure new profiles or automate their creation, in order to allow multiple other users to remotely connect to the same service through the Exchange server.

Offering support for Outlook 97 through 2013

The software can configure new profiles for each version of Outlook, from 97, up to 2013, which means it allows you to modify profiles for each version of your email client individually. With Outlook 2013, for instance, you may change general options, address book or the mail icon.

Additionally, you may perform minor tweaks, in order to customize the software’s behavior. Thus you may set a delayed start and allow logging in or showing the splash screen. Moreover, you can enable or disable certain options such as modify default profile, exit if profile was previously modified, recreate instead of modify or remodel Exchange server name only.

Create multiple profiles and manage their activity

You may set Outlook Profiler to automatically generate and maintain profiles for your email client. Additionally, you may transfer any new or remodeled profile to the Exchange server, if such configuration is available. Moreover, the software supports that you specify custom .ini and .log file locations from command line.

Using Outlook Profiler, you may set the email client to automatically connect to a Microsoft Exchange server, ActiveSync compatible service, as well as to a custom email account configured as POP or IMAP. The special options that the software enables you to modify imply skipping the setup of the Exchange service, even of the POP3, IMAP or HTTP email accounts.

Easy access to adding or removing an account

The software allows you full control on each email account settings, such as manage data files, RSS feeds, SharePoint lists, public or local Calendars and address books. Outlook Profiler also makes it easy to modify signatures, data directories or storage options for email messages and documents for each profile.

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