Outlook on the Desktop

This simple to use application offers you the possibility to display Microsoft Outlook data on your desktop without actually opening it.

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Outlook on the Desktop Description

Outlook on the Desktop takes data from Outlook and displays a fully-functional calendar on your desktop, providing information at a glance concerning future appointments, tasks and important events.

Displays the Outlook calendar on your desktop

The application runs in the system tray, enabling you to access its settings from the context menu. Its purpose is to help you organize your tasks in an efficient manner and have your scheduler and reminder within reach at all times.

Aside from the calendar, Outlook on the Desktop can also display the Outlook notes, inbox messages, the user’s contacts and the task list. You can switch between these Outlook views anytime you want to, with just a click.

Interact with your calendar without launching Outlook

The interesting thing is that all Outlook windows are fully editable, which means that you can add an upcoming appoitment in the calendar, change its assigned color and view mode (weekly, monthly etc.), invite friends to an event, print the calendar and manage your timetable from the comfort of your desktop, without having to actually launch Outlook.

New contacts can be easily added to the list, while existing ones can be filtered or sorted alphabetically. The same goes for existing tasks. Practically, you can perform any operation to modify notes, tasks and calendar entries, without opening Outlook.

Have the Outlook calendar at a glance

Outlook on the Desktop enables you to completely customize the transparency level and the size of the calendar, as well as its position on the screen. Since it is right there on your desktop, you can take a look at your schedule anytime and make the changes you want while Outlook is not runnning.

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