OSTotoHotspot (formerly 160WiFi)

Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your machine and share your Internet connection with other devices by using this lightweight, useful application.

  • OSTotoHotspot (formerly 160WiFi)
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :OSToto Co., Ltd.

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OSTotoHotspot (formerly 160WiFi) Description

If you find yourself wanting to connect to the Internet from your mobile phone, tablet or even a laptop, but do not want to use a cable, or rely on mobile data, which can cause additional cost, one solution would be to turn your computer into a virtual router and share your web access with other devices.

There is an abundance of applications that can help you do just that, each with their own particularity. Among these tools, you can also count 160WiFi, a simple and fairly intuitive utility that can assist you with the task of creating a hotspot on the fly.

Unimpressive but practical looks

The appearance of the program is fairly accessible, yet a tad underwhelming, but it makes it easy to work with for anyone, even if you lack experience with similar software.

160WiFi features a tabbed main window, as well as side panels that allow you to configure its functioning or learn more details about the connected devices.

Grant mobile devices access to the Internet by setting up a WiFi hotspot

After launching the utility, it will proceed to starting a hotspot using a set of default credentials. However, you can easily modify them by clicking on ‘Edit’, changing the SSID of the network and the password. These can then be entered by the devices that want to access the Internet, consequently listing them in the ‘Connected Devices’ list in the main window.

One main advantage of 160WiFi is the fact that you can limit the download and upload speeds of each device on your hotspot, so they do not abuse your web access. Additionally, you can set a time limit, after which the connection will automatically shutdown.

Moreover, the tool can be used to control the PC from a mobile phone, simply by scanning a QR code from the ‘Remote Controller’ tab in the main window. This way, you can change the music, for instance, without having to be constantly in front of the computer.

A lightweight virtual router creator

In short, 160WiFi is a useful and practical piece of software that can be used for quickly setting up wireless connection spots, enabling you to share your Internet, regardless of its type, with a variety of portable devices.

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