Orphalese Tarot

Perform tarot predictions and customize your decks, preferred spread types and reading templates using this reliable and entertaining application.

  • Orphalese Tarot
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Orphalese Tarot Description

Man has always tried to find a way to unfold the secrets of life and tell what the future holds. Attempts have been made through countless methods from prophets to magic, but certainty is still somewhere out of reach. Orphalease Tarot brings the most commonly known deck of cards to your desktop to keep you in touch with your spiritual side.

Lightweight and easy to use

If you are familiar with this type of practice, then all you need to do is launch the application and you are good to go. The main window is brought up where you find a stacked deck of tarot cards. These can be moved around freely, and you can even choose your desktop as a workspace.

Several customization options are available

Bringing up the options menu gives you the possibility to change some visual aspects. You are able to modify the background, as well as make the deck itself suit your style. Resizing the cards, rounding up corners or change the back design are just some of the available tweaks.

Use multiple decks at a time

The application lets you make use of multiple deck of cards so you don’t feel limited in the process. Different types can be brought up for more diversity. The way in which cards are spread on your workspace can be set to some of the default arrangements, or even create a personalized one.

Multiple language support

A large list of languages can be found in the options menu, so that it becomes available to a more diverse public. This comes in handy, given the info box that appears while hovering the mouse over cards. Meanings and suggestions can be found there, and even a beginner can find his way through.

To end with

In conclusion, Orphalease Tarot manages to live up to expectations, bringing more that just a simple deck of cards to your desktop. The user friendly interface allows you to quickly adapt, and available languages and provided help make sure you always know your way around.

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