OrgScheduler 1+1

Update all events and tasks in a calendar shared by multiple users so you can all be updated all the time with this intuitive application.

  • OrgScheduler 1+1
  • Version:9.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:orgbusiness

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OrgScheduler 1+1 Description

In a highly competitive and challenging business environment, effectively managing your team entails being able to communicate with each member and make sure everyone is on the right track. Generally speaking, this is easier said than done, especially when you need to schedule face-to-face with all your colleagues.

OrgScheduler 1+1 is a central planner that enables you to set up and share events with multiple users simultaneously.

You need to configure the server before using the app

Even though the installation is a walk in the park, you cannot access the app until you configure the server. Therefore, you should select your computer server, log in using the default SYSDBA password and start configuring the users, IP address and the connection parameters.

The time you need to spend for this task depends on the number of users you want to include in the network. Simply put, it could be time consuming if you are managing a medium-sized or large team and want to add all members in the network calendar.

Smooth and straightforward functionality

Once you are done with configuring the calendar, adding, editing or deleting events is fairly easy and intuitive. More exactly, you can specify the subject, period, resources if you need any, set a label, include personal notes and set a reminder, quite similar to creating events in Outlook.

Speaking of the Microsoft email client, you should know that the app was developed using the interface options proprietary to Outlook. Consequentially, if you are already familiar with it, navigating through OrgScheduler 1+1 should be quite fast.

Allows efficient events management

The application allows you to add labels and markers to the events you create. This feature could be useful when you are organizing your schedule and you need to know how busy you are that day or if you are going to be in the office on a certain date, for instance.

You can either print or export the entries to HTML, XML, Excel or TXT, so you can access them when you do not have access to the internet.

A good tool for managers and team leaders

OrgScheduler 1+1 is an overall good tool to try if you are looking for a solution to improve time management and better organize your team.

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