Organize images stored locally, on Flickr or Smugmug, with this nifty application that can sort them automatically, based on date and location.

  • Organizer
  • Version : Build 01
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Better, Inc.

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Organizer Description

If you take a lot of photos, keeping them organized is not easy, especially if you do not spend some time placing them into albums when first transferring them to your PC.

Organizer is a useful application that, true to its name, can help you catalog your photo collection, making it much easier to find the files you need. All you have to do is specify where your images are stored, and then let the program take care of the rest.

Versatile utility that can process files stored locally or online

The first thing you need to do after launching the application is authenticate yourself, and this can be done by providing the details of your Google or Facebook account.

Next, you can select the folders on your computer where your photos are stored, as well as connect to your Flickr and Smugmug accounts. Finally, you will be required to choose a directory for the processed files to be exported to.

Intuitive application that can sort your photos automatically

Once all the necessary configurations have been performed, Organizer begins moving local files or downloading photos stored online. Then, it analyzes their embedded metadata to determine how they should be categorized.

When switching to the “All Photos” tab, you can browse through the processed photos by date and location, assuming EXIF data is available. The application includes a basic image viewer, and you can also create custom categories.

Within the output directory, the photos are organized into folders based on their creation date. Unfortunately, though, you do not have the option of copying the files without deleting them from the original location.

Unobtrusive program that organizes your photos while running in the background

The application can be sent to the system tray, and it continues processing your files without requiring additional user input. When new photos are placed in the source folders or uploaded to your accounts, it moves and sorts them automatically.

To conclude, Organizer is a handy software solution for users who need a bit of help categorizing their photos. It performs this task automatically, and it even offers support for Flickr and Smugmug, enabling you to organize files stored both locally and in the cloud.

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