Access and manage all sort of databases including Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, HSQLDB, DerbyDB, MySQL and others, using this neat application.

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ORBADA Description

ORBADA is an excellent tool for database developers, SQL developers, DBA administrators, as well as for users who wish to broaden their knowledge and skills in SQL.

It’s packed with all sort of neat tools and features that you could use for database management and more.

Sleek and easy-to-use interface with plenty of tips

The clear graphical interface makes it easier to administer the database. You can connect to multiple databases by using JDBC libraries. It’s packed with dedicated plug-ins for databases such as Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, HSQLDB, DerbyDB.

It also has a well-rounded graphic interface that allows to perform simple tasks as well and advanced operations. It comes with a clear menu system and multiple tabs that makes browsing, searching and modifying objects in a database easy for each user.

Adjust settings to meet your preferences

You have the option to change the default display mechanism, hide bookmarks images from view or change the color of the data list to make it easier to read information.

Moreover, you can make some data format changes, pick the date and time format. In addition, it comes with the option to highlight certain syntaxes and adjust some settings in the editor.

The application also comes with a feature that allows you to use system or manual proxy and adjust settings.

More features and tools

It comes with the option of configuring JDBC drivers. The program has already defined the basic settings for such drivers but in order to connect to the database, they must be visible to the program.

You’ll need to look for the drivers on the manufacturers’ web pages or various databases. In addition, connection schemas must be defined. It’s a set of parameters that define the database connection.

Define schema connections

The schema definition can specify the address of the computer which is running the database, communication port, user name and password.

All in all, ORBADA is a very nice software solution that allows you to access and manage various databases, as well as adjust settings and use multiple features.

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