Open Teradata Viewer

A practical solution for those who are looking to query, administer, maintain, create reports, update and synchronize data inside their Teradata database.

  • Open Teradata Viewer
  • Version :0.24c
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Daniele Campione

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Open Teradata Viewer Description

Open Teradata Viewer is a comprehensive and reliable software solution that helps users edit a wide range of databases, all within a user-friendly graphic interface.

Moreover, they can also perform queries, generate reports and synchronize database contents, as well as manage their connections.

A cross-platform database editor

Since it is a Java-based application, Open Teradata Viewer can be run on any system running Java, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OSX. This way, everyone can enjoy the same features of the software solution regardless of their OS.

When run for the first time, Open Teradata Viewer requires users to choose the type of database they prefer and establish a connection (to Teradata, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SALite, HSQLDB, H2, Derby or SQL Server).

It needs to be mentioned that, depending on the chosen server, specific drivers are needed, so not all connections might be supported on all computers out-of-the-box (i.e. specialized drivers need to be installed first, before setting up a connection).

Database management and synchronization

Once the database is up and running, users can enjoy functions like syntax highlighting and SQL reformatting to alter the contents of their database. Moreover, they can duplicate existing records, alter or create new ones, as well as update them directly in the result grid.

Alternatively, users can synchronize databases by copying and pasting BLOB and CLOB data when using Open Teradata Viewer. Generated results can be saved to PDF and XLS, thus making it easy for users to access them at a later time, whereas INSERT statements can be exported as well.

A straightforward, open-source database management tool

All in all, Open Teradata Viewer aims to simplify the task of managing one’s database, as it supports several types of connections.

Its interface is kept as intuitive and straightforward as possible, which means that users can focus on analyzing SQL queries or running scripts, without getting distracted by complicated menus or tabs.

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