Open Communication for FANUC

A simple to use application that allows you to quickly transfer data or files between your computer and the FANUC CNC machine you manage.

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Open Communication for FANUC Description

Open Communication for FANUC is a reliable program that you can use as a remote manager for specific CNC systems.

The application is simple to use and supports the data transfer between the computer and the CNC machine. You can easily send values, parameters, tools offset, via the Ethernet or the dedicated connection.

The application is designed to work with specific CNC systems, namely those manufactured by FANUC and supports sending data via Ethernet or RS-232C connection type. The program needs to be configured using the available connection type and establishing the specifying values.

Thus, the RS-232C configuration requires that you mention the corresponding CNC port, speed, protocol, parity and data bits. You may also connect to the CNC via the Ethernet, by specifying the CNC’s IP address and TCP port.

Alternatively, you can connect to the Data Server through one of the supported platforms. The program features a configuration window that allows you to set preferences in case you are using the connection to the CNC Data Server.

Open Communication for FANUC features separate windows for sending and receiving data from the CNC system. You may import files or simply type the desired values in the text editor in the Send window. A built-in calculator indicates the size of data you sent in one session.

The data Receiver center displays the values/parameters that were sent from the CNC to the PC. You can save it to your computer as a stand alone file or append an existing document.

Open Communication for FANUC can be operated in Client mode or in Server mode. Thus, when in Client mode, you can manage the CNC files (programs) and the Data Server from your PC: you may load, download, delete, rename or arrange them.

In Server mode, you can remotely handle the PC files from the CNC: for example, you can send files to the PC or list the transferred information.

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