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Instead of uploading them to a cloud service, share files and folders right from your computer with this small and easy-to-use application.

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O&O FileDirect Description

Sharing files online is one of Internet’s oldest challenges as various methods have been used over the years. Some people prefer uploading their documents to file sharing websites and some people prefer file sharing applications that upload / backup their documents into the cloud.

However, a lot of people prefer various forms of peer-to-peer applications, because the user’s files aren’t uploaded anywhere in order to be shared. O&O FileDirect is a program that helps you share as many files as you like without having to upload them to a third-party file sharing / cloud service.

A fast setup process provides access to a very user-friendly interface

The app only runs on modern Windows operating systems, but it doesn’t require any additional software, so the setup process should be finished in just a few seconds, after a system service is installed. The use of a service, although understandable in this situation, means the program is not and cannot be provided as a portable package, which might be considered a major disadvantage by some users.

Nonetheless, once the installation over, you can run the program and you’ll be greeted by a small window featuring two tabs: the first inviting you to the drag on top of it the files or folders you’d like to share and the second tab providing a history of previously shared files.

Sharing files is a very simple process as it only requires a drag-and-drop operation

Upon dropping a file (or folder) onto O&O FileDirect, a link will be generated that you can then send to anyone who should have access to the file you’ve just dropped. File sharing buttons are conveniently made available to send the link via email and social media or just copy it to the system clipboard. Unfortunately, during our tests the latter always crashed the application after successfully copying the link. Furthermore, by clicking the “More settings” button, you can enter a password and validity parameters for your link by setting a maximum number of downloads or days.

By clicking the “Shared files” tab, you can of course view a list of shared files and for each file you can see some basic statistics, copy or remove the link – although the Copy link faces the same problem as mentioned above – and, most importantly, edit the link’s properties, which is very useful if you forget to set those validity parameters or passwords. Sadly, more advanced stats – like when downloads occurred, from which IPs, countries or browsers and so on – are not available.

A handy utility that can be very useful as long as you also understand its disadvantages

While the app will clearly prove to be very useful, you should still keep in mind that it’s peer-to-peer software and therefore it’s not unaffected by this technology’s disadvantages. In other words, recipients will only be able to transfer files if the host computer and the app are running. Although you can password-protect your link, there’s no other way to control or even know who has access to it. Needless to say, the app will always rely on the FileDirect service/website to be up and secure in order to work properly.

In conclusion, O&O FileDirect is a very useful resource if you’re trying to share files without uploading them to third-party servers, but it does rely on a service and a technology that might still expose you to some risks. So feel free to give this piece of software a try, but be mindful of what sensitive data you decide to share.

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