O&O Defrag Server Edition

Get defragmentation and disk maintenance features for all computers on your network with the help of this powerful piece of software.

  • O&O Defrag Server Edition
  • Version :23.0 Build 3094
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :O&O Software GmbH

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O&O Defrag Server Edition Description

While the latest and modern versions of Windows take care of most disk-related issues without you even noticing it, there are certain situations when manual defragmentation of your hard-drive might be advisable as it actually helps speed up your computer.

O&O Defrag Server Edition is a powerful piece of software designed to provide you with all the tools needed to maintain the computers from your network in tip-top shape by defragmenting their hard drives.

Intuitive and well-designed interface

Differently explained, O&O Defrag Server Edition offers you networking, defragmentation and disk management functions, under one roof.

The application comes with a modern-looking and highly functional interface, mostly thanks to its ribbon toolbar that packs a fair number of features without taking too much space.

This said, despite its network administration and defragmenting features all mashed-up within a single window, working with the app is not at all challenging.

A powerful defragmentation tool with comprehensive networking features

The feature that stands out the most is O&O Defrag Server Edition’s central management console that allows you to remotely install and configure defragmentation software solutions on other computers found on your network. Regardless of we talking about installations or updates, the application helps you distribute them through the network with just a few clicks.

In addition, the tool comes with an advanced scripting interface and comprehensive log functions. Besides its networking-related uses, the program makes it possible for you to perform plenty management tasks on your disks.

Advanced defragmentation and disk management possibilities

You can even set up the app to perform automatic defragmentation in the background. Things are made even easier with the help of its built-in wizard-like assistant specialized on recurring and automated defragmentation tasks.

The program makes it possible for you to simultaneously defragment multiple drives, view how they looked before and after the process, as well as take advantage of several defragmentation methods, either fast or very comprehensive.

Defrag one or all computers on any network with the help of this app

All in all, not only O&O Defrag Server Edition is a very good tool for defragmentation and basic disk management for your computer, but it also empowers you to apply the same beneficial treatment to other computers on your network.

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