A simple to use application which allows you to open several types of images and offers a multitude of tools for shape drawing or editing.

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Oneshot Description

Oneshot is an intuitive program which allows you to add shapes and lines to existing pictures or create your own designs. The application allows you to add several types of shapes such as rectangles, ellipses, arrows or lines, as well as insert text or annotations to the image.

Simplistic image editor

Oneshot does not allow you to modify a picture, but you may add several shapes, arrows and lines to it, which makes it suitable for inserting annotations. Moreover, each shape you create is saved on a different layer, which you can easily manipulate: bring to the front, send to back or duplicate.

The software does not feature Undo or Redo functions, but you may easily remove the shape you created by pressing the Delete key. Alternatively, you may select the Reverse option from the File menu and discard all the drawings you have made. The drawing options include straight line, rectangle, ellipse, arrow and polygonal shape. The software also includes crop, select and add text tools.

Annotation drawing

Adding annotations to an image implies creating the text bubbles and linking the source with the reference by the means of an arrow. You can set the thickness of the margins, background color and font style. The Highlighter is a feature that allows you to draw semi-transparent shapes on top of the loaded image, over text or other shapes.

Moreover, the software supports creating banner arrows and callout boxes, with just one mouse click. You may add separate text to the image, set its size, color, font style and weight (bold, italic, underline).

Easy to use drawing tool

Oneshot is simple to use, reliable and allows you to save the annotated images to your computer. The supported formats include JPG and BMP and each new image or blank canvas is opened in a new window. The application also allows you to add separate text to the canvas, crop it or make selections.

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