Calculate various types of checksums for text strings or multiple local files, with this lightweight and fully portable application.

  • OneHashCreator
  • Version :0.1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :OneDevTeam

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OneHashCreator Description

Checksums are often used to verify the integrity of downloaded files and ensure their contents have not been tampered with. Multiple algorithms can be used to generate these values, and modifications made to the original files are indicated by differences between the hash provided by the publisher and the one generated by the user.

OneHashCreator is a lightweight tool that enables you to calculate the hash value of any local file, as well as text strings. It supports the MD5, SHA-1, SHA2-256, SHA2-512 and SHA3 checksum algorithms.

Calculate the hash values of text strings or multiple files

For starters, you can paste a block of text and calculate its checksum, and the generated value can then be exported to a standard TXT file.

OneHashCreator is also capable of processing several files at the same time. They can be imported using drag and drop actions, and you can also choose which algorithms should be employed.

Once the hash values have been generated, you can copy them directly from the application window or export them to a text file.

Features a minimalistic interface and a straightforward, intuitive layout

OneHashCreator is also available as a web application, and the desktop program offers the same functionality, but does not require an Internet browser.

The user interface is basic, but well thought-out. The buttons and text boxes are resized and repositioned automatically when reducing the window’s dimensions, so it is easy to keep the application at hand, but out of the way.

Simple, portable utility for calculating checksums

OneHashCreator does not need to be installed on your PC, which means it can be deployed quite easily on any machine and even be carried on portable storage devices.

The program is very intuitive and supports the most commonly used checksum algorithms, although several others are not available.

Overall, OneHashCreator is a straightforward, easy-to-use and fully portable tool that can help you calculate the checksum values of text strings or files.

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