OneDrive Uploader

Quickly upload files and folders to your OneDrive account by opening the right-click menu using this application that runs in the systray.

  • OneDrive Uploader
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :YellowRobot.XYZ

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OneDrive Uploader Description

OneDrive Uploader is a Windows utility that proposes a simpler solution for uploading files and folders to OneDrive account instead of using Microsoft’s file sharing application.

Upload files and folders to OneDrive

It gets integrated into the right-click menu to give you the possibility to quickly upload selected files and folders while using the file explorer. It works whether you have OneDrive installed or not.

Following an uncomplicated setup operation, OneDrive Uploader automatically adds an entry for itself to the Windows autostart sequence so that it gets launched by default every time you turn on the computer.

Gets integrated into the systray and right-click menu

It also creates an icon in the systray at startup and has to remain running in the background in order to make file uploads functional. Unfortunately, our tests have demonstrated that the program cannot be accessed by just selecting the “Upload to OneDrive..” option from the systray, as we expected to happen.

At startup, it’s necessary to log in with your Microsoft account used for OneDrive to allow the tool to access OneDrive files, sign you in automatically, and access your info anytime. In the following step, you can open the right-click menu of one or more selected files and folders to swiftly start the uploading process.

Cannot disable the confirmation messages

Next, you are prompted by a confirmation window that lets you set the OneDrive destination folder and allow the app to overwrite any files with the same name. The downside is that it’s not possible to disable this confirmation message so, if you have selected multiple files for uploads, you have to confirm the action for each item. A workaround is to simply upload the folder containing the many files.

Task progress can be inspected in the main app window (double-click the tray icon), where you can check out the local and upload path, along with log details (date and time, type, message), which is useful for investigating any uploading errors. There is no option available for visiting your OneDrive account in the web browser by clicking a button of the uploader.

Decent OneDrive uploader that could use some improvements

The application turned out to be resource-friendly in our evaluation, taking minimal toll on the system processor and memory. We haven’t noticed a particular improvement in uploading speed when comparing it to the OneDrive desktop client, but the context menu integration is a welcomed addition for users who don’t know how to manually add OneDrive to the right-click menu.

As far as OneDrive Uploader is concerned, it looks promising and we’re waiting for new features in upcoming releases, including some minor improvements that can make the whole experience more comfortable.

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