One Search Bar

Search for pictures, movies, news, or general info using personalized, popular search engines directly from your desktop with this slim, powerful search tool.

  • One Search Bar
  • Version :1.7
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Softaddress

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One Search Bar Description

The Internet is probably the first source of help for everyone, and every domain of activity. A search can be refined to be as close to stuff of interest as possible. To make it a lot easier, One Search Bar sticks to your desktop to help you look for just about anything on the web using your preferred search engine.

Visually appealing, and easy to use

With little time and effort invested into setting up the application, you get to check out the set of features in no time at all. On launch, a slim little search bar shows up for a couple of seconds on your desktop, then disappears. Don’t worry, this is just the auto-hide feature kicking in, and you can find it in the upper edge of the screen.

Unlike most auto-hiding desktop enhancements, this one doesn’t just slide in when the cursor is near it to prevent accidents, so you need to click. The auto-hide option can be completely disabled, but you need to reserve some space in the upper part of the screen, because it can’t get minimized, nor can it float around.

Customization, and search engines

There is also a decent set of customization options you can use to make the search bar more appealing. On the one hand, color options let you change to something that integrates better with the rest of the desktop, transparency can make it almost invisible, while rounding, and button styles give it more personality.

The default search engine is set to Google, and you can see this right above the search field. A great deal of practicality is provided by the impressive list of search engines at your disposal, organized in categories. As such, you’re able to look up general stuff on more than Google, images, videos, songs, movies, and news.

On an ending note

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that One Search Bar is sure to convince you to keep it around for more than a few trial runs. It’s a powerful combination between a visually appealing desktop gadget, and tons of different, categorized search engines to take you online, and provide just the info you’re looking for.

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