Ondesoft iTunes Converter

Remove DRM restrictions from your iTunes audio files with the help of this tool capable of converting your music to multiple formats.

  • Ondesoft iTunes Converter
  • Version :1.2.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ondesoft

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Ondesoft iTunes Converter Description

Any responsible user will understand and manage accordingly any DRM-protected content, since it is ethical to prevent copyright goods from being distributed without the author’s consent.

However, there are a few methods of dodging these rules if, of course, you plan to keep the content for your own use, and Ondesoft iTunes Converter is one of them.

Can remove DRM restrictions from iTunes songs

As its very name makes it quite transparent, the program is designed to remove digital rights management restrictions from your audio files and let you access them cross-device and offline, in a format that best suits your needs.

Installing the application is a breeze, and once you have it running on your PC, you can see a list of all your purchased iTunes tracks, Apple Music, and audiobooks.

The user interface is overall simplistic, with the top section being comprised of a series of buttons letting you refresh your library in case you have meanwhile applied changes to it, check out some output-related settings, and, of course, initiate the conversion itself.

Lets you choose from multiple audio file formats

Nevertheless, the focus is on the bottom panel, since once you have selected the files you want to download to your PC, you need to tweak its output status.

Choosing a file extension is the first step you need to take, with alternatives such as MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and MKA, being close at hand. Moreover, a profile for your format must be indicated in order to be provided with quality that meets your standards.

Besides, you need to specify an output folder, along with a host of other tweaks to your audio files, such as those linked to the codec, bitrate, and channels.

Is able to preserve file metadata

After you hit the “Convert” button, the program prompts you with a new window that shows the task’s progress while also providing you with the possibility of stopping it at any point. Note that, during the process, you must not interact with iTunes in any way since this may interfere with the conversion and render your files flawed.

Another aspect worth being discussed is that the iTunes converter is capable of keeping file metadata tags in case you opt for this in the “Preferences” window. What’s more, it lets you, among others, indicate the filename format as well as the conversion speed.

Handy iTunes conversion tool for all users alike

All in all, Ondesoft iTunes Converter is an accessible tool that helps you transition your iTunes music to any file format and thus make it available on any device. What with its clear-cut GUI and easily accessible settings, the program could prove handy to any user who wants to perform quick and hassle-free conversions.

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