On Screen Bangla Keyboard

On-screen keyboard that features Bangla characters, lets you load other keyboard layouts and comes with a user-friendly interface.

  • On Screen Bangla Keyboard
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Aparajeyo

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On Screen Bangla Keyboard Description

If your keyboard does not function, you can rely on Windows’ built-in on-screen keyboard utility. However, if you need to use Bengali characters, you might want to turn to specialized software solutions, as they might provide you with quicker, more convenient results.

On Screen Bangla Keyboard is one of the applications mentioned above that provides you with an on-screen keyboard that features Bangla characters but lets you choose other layouts, as well.

Note: during installation, you need to provide the application with a serial number that you can retrieve by clicking the corresponding button on the installer’s interface when prompted to do so.

Colorful layout

This program comes with a user-friendly, colorful layout that can be easily understood and operated since it packs all the functions which are relevant to an on-screen keyboard and a few others.

No help documentation is provided whatsoever since the purpose of this application is simply to offer you an on-screen keyboard that features Bangla characters.

Requires Administrator rights

Aside from its Bangla layout, On Screen Bangla Keyboard also lets you choose other keyboard layouts by selecting them from the Settings menu. However, doing so without administrator rights does not modify the default Bangla layout.

Unfortunately, this application has some functionality issues, as the Win button does not trigger any effect, using the Alt button repeatedly might crash your application and also changing the layout to English does not apply to all the keys on the keyboard.

Lightweight on-screen keyboard that features Bangla characters

All things considered, On Screen Bangla Keyboard is a lightweight application that provides you with an on-screen keyboard that supports Bangla characters. It comes with a colorful, user-friendly interface but, unfortunately, some of its functions are flawed and others can crash the application or freeze your system, such as the Win and Alt keys.

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