Okdo Website Html to Text Converter

Extract website content from URLs or HTML files and export it to TXT documents, with this simple application that also supports batch processing.

  • Okdo Website Html to Text Converter
  • Version :5.5
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Okdo Software

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Okdo Website Html to Text Converter Description

You might sometimes want to extract text content from various websites, without having to copy and paste data manually or store it in HTML files.

Okdo Website Html to Text Converter is a straightforward application that can help you save text obtained from various web pages to TXT documents. Additionally, it can be used to convert HTML files and supports batch processing.

However, the application lacks certain advanced functions and features a rather outdated interface.

Insert links and extract website content

The program’s most useful feature lies in its ability to extract text from web pages directly. You can specify a web domain and have the application find as many connected URLs as possible, up to a certain link depth.

These paths can then be added to the conversion queue and processed at the same time, together with HTML files.

Convert multiple items at once

Any number of HTML documents or URL’s can be processed during the same job. All the files present in a particular folder on your computer can be loaded at the same time, using drag and drop actions.

You can also have the application create a subfolder for each exported document and automatically open the output directory when a job has been completed.

Limited job customization

Okdo Website Html to Text Converter can automatically remove unnecessary blank lines from the original files, optimizing the size and layout of the generated TXT documents.

However, it is not possible to preview the source files, split them into multiple parts or select which elements should be extracted. Additionally, content taken from more than one document cannot be saved to a single output file.

All in all, Okdo Website Html to Text Converter is a simple tool, designed to convert HTML files to TXT and extract content from websites. It is relatively easy-to-use but offers few advanced functions.

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