Okdo Excel Merger

A useful tool especially designed to provide you with a means of combining several workbooks or special worksheets into one file.

  • Okdo Excel Merger
  • Version :2.6
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Okdo Software

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Okdo Excel Merger Description

When multiple people are working on the same project or data from various sources needs to be centralized, it helps to have a program that merges numerous Excel workbooks.

Okdo Excel Merger is an easy-to-use application that can help you combine any number of XLS or XLSX worksheets into a single document.

It can process files in multiple ways, enabling you to specify which worksheets should be merged, as well as customize their order.

Add and organize workbooks

Inserting new documents could not be easier. The application supports drag and drop actions, allowing you to import items directly from your file explorer.

Additionally, Okdo Excel Merger can scan an entire folder and load all the Excel workbooks within it. You can then modify their order and select which of them should be merged.

Offers multiple joining methods

The application does not simply append each subsequent file to the first one. You can choose to merge all the embedded sheets into one multi-page workbook or stack all the data into a single worksheet.

The information can be arranged from left to right or top to bottom. The program can also insert a certain number of blank rows between content imported from separate worksheets.

Merge entire workbooks or only certain sheets

Okdo Excel Merger allows you to select specific worksheets from the loaded files and then merge them in a preset order. You can view a list displaying all the pages that make up each imported Excel document.

This function enables you to extract certain sheets from your files and create a new document that embeds specific data from each processed workbook.

Overall, Okdo Excel Merger is an intuitive piece of software, designed to help you extract data from multiple Excel workbooks and merge it in multiple ways. It features a minimalistic and user-friendly interface.

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