ofx2qfx Convert

Convert transactions stored in OFX files to the QXF format and import them into Quicken, with this lightweight and user-friendly program.

  • ofx2qfx Convert
  • Version :10.1.03
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MoneyThumb

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ofx2qfx Convert Description

As popular as the Open Financial Exchange format is, you may find yourself having to convert one or more OFX files to the proprietary QFX format used by Quicken.

ofx2qfx Convert is an application created for this very purpose. It can help you convert transaction data from OFX fo QFX, and then import these generated files into Quicken.

Secure Java-based converter for your desktop

While the program cannot run if Java Runtime Environment is not installed on your PC, there is no need to download and set up this software manually. The installation wizard takes care of everything, which novices will certainly appreciate.

The application does not require direct access to your accounts, as it only processes OFX files that have been exported by other financial software.

Straightforward tool that can be used by experts and novices alike

Once you have launched the program, you need to access the settings and select the account type, as well as provide a Quicken FID, without which conversions cannot be performed. A helpful FID database is included, so it should be pretty easy to find your bank.

A couple of other values can also be entered, namely the bank routing number and Quicken account number. While useful, these values are not required for performing conversions.

Comes with extensive documentation and a minimalistic UI

Aside from the quick start guide, the product also provides you with a detailed user manual, which novices can consult whenever they need some assistance.

The user interface is not particularly noteworthy, although it does have a relatively intuitive layout. The app looks a bit outdated, but it gets the job done, so this is not a major issue.

All in all, ofx2qfx Convert is a simple, reliable utility that enables you to convert data stored in OFX files to the QFX format for importing into Quicken. It is fairly easy to use and includes an extensive user manual.

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