ofx2qbo Convert

Extract transaction data from OFX files and export them to the QBO format supported by QuickBooks, with this straightforward utility.

  • ofx2qbo Convert
  • Version : 10.1.03
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MoneyThumb

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ofx2qbo Convert Description

Transaction files obtained from your bank, credit card or brokerage firm cannot always be imported directly into specialized applications, which is why you sometimes need to rely on a separate utility to convert them to the right format.

ofx2qbo Convert is a lightweight application that enables you to export transactions stored in OFX files to the QBO format, and them import them into QuickBooks. It is very easy to use, although it would benefit from a modernized UI.

Deploy the app and put it to use in no time at all

The installation process is in no way complex, so even novices should not run into any issues. Java Runtime Environment needs to be installed for the application to run, but this software is downloaded and set up automatically.

Once that is done, you can just launch the program and follow the instructions displayed in the main window. The steps are very straightforward, but an extensive user manual is also available if you need assistance.

No-nonsense OFX to QBO conversion utility

First and foremost, you should access the Settings panel and enter your QuickBooks account info. The app requires you to set the account type and QuickBooks FID, and you can also provide a bank routing number and account number.

ofx2qbo Convert includes a list of bank financial institutions that can be consulted if you need to find the QuickBooks FID. A simple but useful search function is also available.

Files can be imported without too much trouble, but it would have been great if the application offered support for drag and drop.

Gets the job done, but sports an outdated user interface

The program’s GUI features a straightforward layout, but it is not particularly appealing from a visual standpoint. A modernized UI would most likely encourage users to try out the app, but this is not really a major issue.

Overall, ofx2qbo Convert is a reliable, easy-to-use software utility that can help you extract transactions from OFX files and save them to the QBO format. It is novice-friendly and includes a detailed user manual.

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