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Downloads the contents of websites for offline viewing, while allowing users to apply file filters (e.g. image, audio, or video items).

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Offline Explorer Description

Offline Explorer is a software application built specifically for helping you download the contents of websites for offline viewing.

It boats a clean and intuitive layout that offers step-by-step assistance for creating a new profile.

Offline Explorer gives users the possibility to specify a valid URL, add a name for the project, set the amount of pages to be loaded, and download all files that are linked to the starting page or skip the loading for the following file types (images, audio or video items, archived items).

Plus, you can make the program download the load content only within the starting URL, server, or from any location, start the downloading task immediately, generate a site map, download the project later, or configure advanced settings.

Offline Explorer allows users to schedule projects, and use the “Sequencer” function for downloading projects one by one.

Last but not least, you can impose limits for making the program stop downloading information if the total number of files exceeds the specified value, create exclusion lists, load files from the selected protocols (HTTP, FTP), load files with the starting filename, perform parsing operations, as well as specify the username and passwords for sites and servers that require password authentication.

Additionally, you can view statistics about total number of files and the used space on the disk, change the look of the application, access the favorites section from IE or Firefox, and export files to a disc or compress the information to ZIP archives.

All things considered, Offline Explorer offers an intuitive layout for helping you download the content of websites for offline viewing.

If you are looking for more advanced features, you can check out the professional edition of the program, which includes syntax highlight for HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, option for downloading streams from RTSP, PNM, and MMS, multi proxy server support, and others.

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