Office Password Recovery

Recover passwords for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access documents in a few simple steps, with this easy-to-use application.

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Office Password Recovery Description

When working with a Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access document, you have the option of encrypting it with a password in order to prevent unauthorized access. However, should you forget this password, you need a specialized tool to help you retrieve it.

Office Password Recovery is an intuitive application that can help you retrieve lost passwords without too much effort. It can perform multiple types of attacks and features a modern, streamlined UI.

Recover lost passwords with just a few mouse clicks

Once you have imported a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access file, the application will detect the encryption algorithm and assess the password’s complexity. However, even when dealing with very simple passkeys, the program rated their complexity as “very high”, so it does not seem to be particularly accurate.

Next, you need to select the preferred password attack method and, if you are using the Professional version, specify whether or not GPU acceleration should be enabled. The steps are quite simple, so even novices should not run into any issues.

Can perform several types of attacks in order to recover passwords

The most straightforward retrieval method is called a “brute-force” attack, and it is the best choice when you cannot remember anything about the passkey, as it tries every possible character combination until the correct one is found.

However, you also have the option of limiting the length of the password, specifying which character sets should be taken into consideration and setting a prefix or suffix.

Additionally, Office Password Recovery is well-suited for retrieving passkeys that consist of common words. You can either rely on the included dictionary file or provide one of your own.

User-friendly recovery tool for Office passwords

To sum up, Office Password Recovery is a straightforward piece of software that does its job well. It can help you access encrypted documents even if you cannot remember their passwords, and the Professional version even offers support for GPU acceleration.

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