Odds Wizard

Generate different types of performance-based odds for the upcoming games in various sports leagues, including soccer, football, and basketball.

  • Odds Wizard
  • Version :2.50 Live Magic Build
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Newhavensoft

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Odds Wizard Description

Odds Wizard is a piece of software designed specifically for sports enthusiasts who are interested in keeping track of performance-based odds for games in various sports leagues, including soccer, American football, basketball, and rugby.

Internet-connected databases

The application stays connected to Internet databases of the past 70 games in various sports leagues from multiple continents, including America, Asia, and Europe (including UEFA Champions League, World Cup, and NFL).

With the help of this program, users can easily keep track of the performance of their favorite teams across multiple sports teams while also staying informed on their ratings. The tool can handle multiple leagues with up to 255 teams for each league.

Integrated prediction engine

The software comes with an integrated prediction engine that can compute fixed odds, double-chance odds, and half/full-time odds, as well as all correct scores with their corresponding odds.

Users can take advantage of sophisticated probability analysis capabilities that provide them with an optimal betting strategy that offers info on what bet structure is preferred in a given situation.

Odds converter and tournament analysis

Odds Wizard comes with a variety of analysis tools packed inside, such as Performance and Tournament analysis, making it easier for users to stay informed on the teams and games that interest them the most.

The utility includes an Odds converter that allows users to increase the precision of their bets effortlessly. Moreover, the program can display current standings, can generate charts, and can update all leagues with a single mouse click.

An intuitive, snappy application

All in all, Odds Wizard is an easy-to-use, fast piece of software that can prove an excellent companion for any sports and betting enthusiast. It can track multiple leagues at the same time, packs powerful performance analysis tools, and can help users take more informed decisions when interested in betting on a team or another.

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