ODBC Driver for Zoho CRM

Specialized connectivity solution purpose-built to facilitate interactions between ODBC-based applications and Zoho CRM cloud databases.

  • ODBC Driver for Zoho CRM
  • Version:1.1.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Devart

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ODBC Driver for Zoho CRM Description

ODBC Driver for Zoho CRM is designed to offer a solution for those who wish to establish connections between ODBC applications and Zoho CRM cloud databases.

It supports standard ODBC API functions, as well as all Zoho CRM data types. Additionally, Advanced Connection String parameters are also supported, making it possible for desktop and web-based applications to connect to cloud databases from various platforms and environments.

Connections are normally established directly via HTTP, but it is also possible to connect via Proxy if you use one to access the network.

The driver enables you work with SQL statements, as well as perform bulk updates by creating batches of statements, thus greatly simplifying the task of handling large-scale modifications.

Thanks to the Advanced Data Conversion mechanisms that have been implemented in the driver, it supports bi-directional mapping between ODBC and Zoho CRM data types.

Furthermore, the driver is fully Unicode, which means it is possible to work with data extracted from multi-lingual Zoho CRM databases without running into problems caused by differences between charsets.

ODBC Driver for Zoho CRM is compatible with multiple third-party data analysis tools, of which we can mention Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Crystal Reports, PHP, Python and QlikView.

Once installed, the driver can be configured by accessing the ODBC Data Source Administrator. When setting up a new connection, you need to enter the details of the Zoho CRM server, as well as provide your account’s security token.

Finally, you have the option of configuring a Proxy server, and you can then run a connection test to ensure nothing is amiss.

System requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.5

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 30-day trial period

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