OCZ SSD Utility

Monitor and manage your OCZ SSD more efficiently and get notification about critical events or available updates with this software solution.

  • OCZ SSD Utility
  • Version :2.2.2645
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Toshiba Corporation

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OCZ SSD Utility Description

In case you want to get the best performance possible from your computer, then there is a good chance that you are already using an SSD to run your operating system. While it is true that standard defragmentation cannot do much in the case of SSDs, it is still a good idea to optimize your solid state drive from time to time.

OCZ SSD Utility is a lightweight application that provides you with several tools to clean, monitor, streamline the processing and storage of new data as well as avoid a performance breakdown in the long run.

Comes with a sleek, fresh and well-structured interface

The setup is fast, straightforward and does not require any special attention from your part. The program comes with a modern and user-friendly GUI that includes a dashboard that provides you with real-time information about the SSD’s status and health.

The Overview tab can also let you know the current versions of the driver along with the firmware and informs you whether there are any updates available. As you probably know, upgrade to the latest firmware can help you improve the overall performance and stability of your SSD.

Includes several tools for upkeeping your SSD

A further noteworthy function of the application is the continuous health monitoring of the solid state drive. First off, the tool lets you know if the drive is connected to the appropriate ports and offers suggestions on the best modes to switch to so that you can get higher performance.

Depending on the types of software solutions you want to run on it, the application provides you with three modes that are configured to get the best results on reliability, performance or capacity. You should know that you can customize the settings so that the selected mode better suits your needs.

A handy app for anyone using an OCZ SSD

All in all, OCZ SSD Utility is an application that provides you with an easy way to keep a close eye on your solid state drive’s health and make sure that you can enjoy its peak performance for the many years to come.

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