Obsidium Lite

An easy to implement software protection system mainly aimed at shareware programmers and small companies for their latest software releases.

  • Obsidium Lite
  • Version :1.6.0 Build 15
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Obsidium Software

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Obsidium Lite Description

Behind an application’s interface and all of its functions there are dozens of lines of code that help your computer understand input and transform it into actions. However, this code can be made visible with reverse-engineering software, but can also be secured so no breaches or illegal modifications are made. In this regard, Obsidium Lite provides a decent set of tools to encrypt applications, set distribution and usage rules.

No programming knowledge required

A great advantage of the application which increases practicability is that no coding knowledge is required whatsoever. You only need to use the target application’s executable or dynamic link library file along with security options you easily set from the intuitive interface.

Set licensing and distribution rules

Right from the start, the applications asks for a custom string of characters based on which encryption is done. You are then free to select methods to be used. Several base settings can be altered, with options that directly set Windows to load DLL files, have size verified or limit the number of instances that can be simultaneously launched.

Furthermore, the application enables you to set a time trial in case your application requires subscription or the basic distribution is for evaluation purposes. Custom messages can be set to when it is launched so the user is prompted either for registration or licensing information.

In this regard, the application can automatically generate a set of license keys you might want to save. These can be verified and even configured to expire after a certain date.

Easily add application files to encrypt

When all attributes are configured, choosing files is easily done through the application’s integrated file explorer. One or more items can be added to the task, with the possibility to have them launched for testing purposes. A great deal of protection is offered, but you can also check out the standard edition for even more options.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Obsidium Lite is a handy and easy to use application which shouldn’t be missing from a developer’s computer. A fair number of security measures can be taken, with the possibility to generate custom license keys and set time trial so that your application doesn’t get illegally distributed or modified.

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