Obeo Designer Community

Create complex graphical modeling workbenches for use in various industries with this Sirius-based application that supports Java scripts.

  • Obeo Designer Community
  • Version : 10.0.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Obeo

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Obeo Designer Community Description

Disseminating information quickly and efficiently is vital in the Business world. Several tools can be employed to get facts through to the general audience, including diagrams and other similar graphical representations. Obeo Designer Community is an advanced builder of such elements that allows users to create graphical models tailor-made to their businesses.

Generate complex diagrams for large-scale operations

The application relies on several powerful components, such as Sirius and Eclipse (hence the sizable download), to generate comprehensive charts. Several other components are employed, such as textual editing tools and EMF models merging utilities, and the application even allows tech-savvy users to insert Java snippets.

To this end, the application features its own ‘run and debug’ module. Multiple classes can be created, customized and loaded into the final project and the tool can even generate breakpoints and watchpoints. Object inspection commands are available and Java exceptions can be defined. All these features allows users with Java knowledge to integrate source code swiftly and seamlessly into the project.

Create conditional filters and merge multiple models

As can be observed, the program is best suited for complex and highly specific undertakings. The rich customization options allow it to generate thorough graphs, complete with user-defined shapes, connectors, and even layers. These latter items can be employed to highlight certain elements, without significantly altering the overall aspect of the diagram.

Other notable features include the ability to create conditional filters on diagrams, effectively hiding from sight certain chart elements. Model comparison and merger tools are also available and the modular layout allows one to ‘recycle’ classes and objects for use in multiple projects.

The overall impression left by this tool is that of a comprehensive diagram generator with support for Java source code

In conclusion, Obeo Designer Community is a powerful tool for anyone interested in generating complex diagrams. It can be especially valuable for developers or users generally accustomed to working with Java.

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