Connect from the comfort of your desktop or with a mobile device to a VoIP service and get in touch with friends, relatives and business associates from around the world.

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Nymgo Description

Nymgo is a VoIP communication solution that allows you to keep in touch with friends, family members and business partners. This program intends to help you call them on the phone by using your computer and an Internet connection.

Automatically prepares you for conversations

You can use this app to quickly dial the number that you want to reach and talk to its owner. The interface is intuitive and allows you to focus on the conversation topic instead of tuning complicated settings. It is designed to automatically detect and use the default sound devices installed on your computer.

The Settings window can be accessed from the tray icon context menu and allows you to change the input or output devices if you want to use a certain hardware. The program properties are simple and require no previous experience with VoIP applications.

Call anywhere on the globe

A map view displays the location of the phone number and offers the possibility to check the area code for any country and to view the phone call costs. The user has the option to save the contacts to the phone book in order to quickly call a certain number.

Nymgo is able to record the call and to save it to the local hard drive in order to review the conversation at a later date. It uses the WAV file format which preserves the sound quality and is compatible with almost any audio player.

Lightweight and easy to use

In our test, the recorded calls required about 2 MB for every minute of conversation so it is easy to clutter your hard drive if you record all calls. The sound quality was above average but this can depend on the call destination and the available Internet connection.

During the call and when recording the conversation, the app occupied about 100 MB of memory and had no impact on the computer performance. You can use it to talk with your friends while using your computer for other tasks.

To end with

Overall, Nymgo is an easy to use program for the users that want to make multiple international calls by using the VoIP protocol. It might also help you cut down the costs for your phone conversations. Moreover, it provides a friendly environment so that you get accommodated right from the start.

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