Perform conversions between different units of various parameters with this utility that offers multiple predefined categories and exchange rate updating.

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NumericalChameleon Description

Teachers, students or just users who work in various fields that require conversion operations between different units, might struggle to find a complete conversion package. Luckily, there are several software solutions that offers such capabilities and one of them is NumericalChameleon. It will offer people an easy-to-use unit converter utility that features an extensive library of parameters and their corresponding units.

Friendly interface that houses a comprehensive collection of predefined categories and conversion units

NumericalChameleon boasts a user-friendly interface that provides many of its tools in the form of accessible buttons and drop-down menus. It is highly customizable in terms of general appearance (skins and fonts), and in terms of unit conversion categories.

One will be able to easily select the required parameter from the drop-down list and some of the available categories include: numbers, dates, timezones, currency, length, area, temperature, etc. After entering the necessary figures for the conversion, the application will automatically list the corresponding conversion value instantaneously.

Convert various units for the required parameters with this feature-packed utility that offers exchange rate updating

The application will allow users to add certain side-notes to their conversions and save the results into TXT or HTML file formats. It offers a powerful list generator and users can customize the starting / ending values, as well as the increment.

People can define favorite conversions for easy access and the application does provide a filtering feature for identifying the required parameters much easier. Additionally, the application also provides an exchange-rate updater module, where one can select the preferred world currency server.

Competent software solution for performing unit conversions and currency operations

NumericalChameleon can be a good choice for those who require an efficient unit converter that will allow them to select the preferred parameters and input the conversion values. The application’s general ease-of-use and intuitive handling recommend it to both novice and experienced users and its features can be quite fun and educational. However, it would have been beneficial for the application to also include more features, such as a basic calculator.

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