nuiSense pro for Windows 8.1

A highly intuitive software solution that enables you to effortlessly manage photos, videos and PDF files when using touchscreen-enabled devices.

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nuiSense pro for Windows 8.1 Description

Using touchscreen-enabled monitors in your business environment can encourage visitors to digitally explore your products and attract more customers in the long run. And considering you also need to provide them with a user-friendly application for browsing through your portfolio, you can try nuiSense pro for Windows 8.1.

File manager for touchscreen devices running Windows 8.1

The utility can run only on devices where Windows 8.1 is currently installed, which means that your operating system first needs to be upgraded and only afterwards can you install nuiSense pro on it.

It also needs to be mentioned that although it is especially tailored for touchscreen-enabled devices, the app can be run on traditional computers as well, as long as a keyboard and a mouse are connected.

Once you select the folders where your data is stored, your users can easily drag and drop images, videos or PDF files onto the dashboard and preview them with ease.

More precisely, one can effortlessly resize and rotate any chosen file, play and pause videos or navigate through the pages of the PDF files.

Create customized albums

In order to make sure that your visitors are drawn to your products, you need to present them as attractive as possible, using not only vivid colors but also a language that they are familiar with (you can even create several similar albums where only the language is different).

You can assign a relevant picture as the background of your dashboard, such as your company’s logo or banner.


All in all, nuiSense pro for Windows 8.1 can come in handy to all those who want to offer their visitors a user-friendly environment for exploring images, videos and PDFs both on touchscreen-enabled devices and on traditional one.s

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