nuiSense business for Windows 8.1

Create a wide range of presentations to be displayed on touchscreen-enabled devices by using this reliable and innovative software solution.

  • nuiSense business for Windows 8.1
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  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :di-erre software s.r.l.

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nuiSense business for Windows 8.1 Description

Technology tends to flood our existence more and more, as years pass by, and your company needs to adapt as well if you want to stay in business for a long time.

For example, you can turn to nuiSense business for Windows 8.1 whenever you want to create appealing presentations for touchscreen-enabled devices, while also benefitting from NFC support.

Presentation designer for Windows 8.1

The application can only be installed on computers and devices that are running Windows 8.1, no matter if they are x86 or x64. Furthermore, if you are not going to use a touchscreen-enabled device, you can use a keyboard and mouse, without this affecting the tool’s performance or functions.

When running the app for the first time, you need to create a so-called album, where you need to select the folder where your files are stored (be they images, videos or PDF files).

You also get the possibility to customize the its name, the navigation mode and the buttons that will be accessible to your users.

Moreover, you can assign an image as the background for the presentation, as well as the background, foreground, border and shadow colors.

nuiSense business enables you to set a dedicated screensaver to run if the device has been inactive for a specific period of time – a custom message can be displayed, along with the items from the chosen folder.

Create presentations with NFC support

A handy function included within nuiSense business is its NFC support as you can easily activate it or modify the name of the device. You can also enable the QRCode support, specify the IP address and port, the Wi-Fi name or the security key.

Due to this function, you are bound to impress tech-savvy people, since NFC (Near field communication) and QR codes (quick response codes) are popular among smartphone owners.


All in all, nuiSense business can help you attract more customers with the help of professional presentations that allow users to preview, rotate and resize the items they are interested in.

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