Easily create and enhance sound samples in an intuitive environment that packs several powerful tools and function via this software solution.

  • Nuance
  • Version:1.6.601
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:New Sonic Arts

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Nuance Description

Nuance is an application designed to provide you with a versatile and intuitive environment where you can create, analyze and improve various sound samples that you may want to include in larger projects later on.

Comes with a sleek and easy to navigate GUI

The program comes with a streamlined and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to find the feature you need without having to dig deep into advanced or very complex menus. The UI is comprised of three areas, namely the browser, waveform and the parameter area, whereas the samples can be added with drag and drop.

While the first two enable you to quickly find and display your samples, you are going to be doing most of the editing in the parameter panel. It is necessary to mention that the utility also features a mapping view that allows you to create and edit multi-sample patches. The mapping can be employed to assign samples on different keys and velocity ranges as well.

Includes numerous loop options and multiple FX effects

The tool allows you to modify two types of parameters when playing your sound samples, namely the main engine variables (amplitude, pitch, FX, etc.) and the modulation controls. The app supports unlimited modulation Slots that you can add by connecting the Source to the Destination. In case you do not need it anymore, then you can remove it with one click.

You should know that you can effortlessly set up various loops and correct them just as quickly via the crossfade feature. In addition, you can enhance your audio samples by adding effects in the four FX dedicated slots and the multiple high-quality algorithms.

An intuitive sample player for your mixing samples

In case you need an advanced tool to help you examine and improve various sound samples, but dread the idea of having to use a cumbersome sampler, then perhaps you can give Nuance a try.

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