NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker

Enhance you computer’s protection by preventing certain processes, DLLs or drivers to load with this lightweight, reliable software solution.

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NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker Description

Protecting your computer’s safety is an ever growing concern nowadays, as more and more ways of compromising the integrity of your system are developed.

Although the most efficient way of keeping your computer secure is to keep it disconnected from the Internet, you can also use third-party applications, such as NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker.

Simple interface

This program comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that shelters a handful of straightforward functions, making it highly accessible even for non-experienced users.

There is no standard Options window, menu or pane available, since the only way you can configure certain parameters is to edit the corresponding text document. Therefore, at least a medium level of PC skills is required to operate this utility to its full extent.

Block various objects on your PC

You can use NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker to prevent certain processes from executing on your computer without having to rely on standard antivirus software solutions that require constant signature database updates.

This program continuously monitors processes, DLLs or drivers in kernel mode and notifies you every time an object is attempting to load on your system. You can edit a rules list, which lets you set multiple processes, DLLs or drivers to be denied execution.

Alternatively, you can choose to exclude certain processes, DLLs or drivers from being blocked by this application by selecting the appropriate options under the Exclusions combo menu and editing the dedicated document.

Log support

After each process it blocks, this utility logs the event by saving the details in a text document on your computer. You can quickly access these reports by clicking the View Logs button on the main window.

Among the settings you can modify within the “Configuration.ini” file, you can toggle passive logging, customize the destination path for saving log files, block autorun and set the application to run on startup.

Lightweight smart object blocker

All in all, NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker is a lightweight, handy application that enables you to block processes, DLLs or drivers and enhance your PC’s security. It comes with a simple user interface and packs intuitive functions but configuring its options requires at least medium PC skills.

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