NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete

Delete files that are impossible to remove with traditional methods by turning to this lightweight application that features a simple configuration menu.

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NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete Description

If you own a Windows-based computer, you probably know that sometimes, certain files cannot be deleted by using traditional methods.

Fortunately, there are a few third-party software solutions that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results, such as NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete.

Minimalistic layout

This application packs a simple, clean user interface that encompasses a few intuitive, neatly organized functions. Therefore, it makes it possible that a broad range of users can benefit from its capabilities without significant effort.

However, it lacks any form of local help documentation, which can be inconvenient for some users that might encounter difficulties while operating its functions.

Delete files efficiently

You can turn to NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete if you need a quick way to delete non-removable files from your computer.

Accomplishing this can be easily done by adding the target files and hitting the Delete on Reboot button in the main window. You can import the documents by either using the dedicated Add Files button or creating a selection of items then dragging and dropping it into the window.

On the downside, this application does not feature a Clear button that can help you remove all the files in the list. You can only remove one entry at a time, by right-clicking it and selecting the corresponding option.

Undo file deletion

In case you change your mind, you can undo the deletion process by selecting the Undo Deletions tab, specifying the desired files and clicking the Undo Deletion button.

However, this section does not feature a Select All button. Therefore, the only way of specifying all the files you want to exclude from deletion is by ticking each one’s checkbox, manually.

Lightweight file remover tool

All in all, NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete is a handy application that can help you remove certain files from your computer that cannot be deleted otherwise. It features a minimalistic user interface, intuitive functions and a simple configuration menu. However, it lacks certain accessibility-related features and no form of local help documentation is provided to you whatsoever.

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