NoVirusThanks Registry Guard Service

Prevents processes from adding new entries to the system registry, making modifications or removing entries, in order to prevent Windows errors.

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NoVirusThanks Registry Guard Service Description

NoVirusThanks Registry Guard Service represents a service-only version of NoVirusThanks Registry Guard, a tool designed to prevent processes from adding custom entries to the Windows registry, removing entries or making other modifications.

It comes in handy for protecting your computer from applications you find suspicious since these can create faulty connections in the Windows registry that might lead to system stability issues. Because it’s a service, NoVirusThanks Registry Guard Service runs in the background and doesn’t interrupt your typical desktop activity with notifications.

Prevent processes from affecting the system registry

While running, the service continuously monitors processes and prevents any of them from making changes to the system registry. To demonstrate this, it creates log files for each relevant event.

Instructions on how to get the service up and running are available in the downloaded package. Things aren’t complicated, though, since the operation implies copying the folder to C:\ and running the .bat file with administrative rights. Afterward, you can bring up Task Manager and go to the “Services” tab to spot “RegGuardSvc Service”.

If it’s not running, you should visit Windows Services and make sure the path to the executable file exists. Otherwise, it’s necessary to create it yourself by copying the NoVirusThanks Registry Guard Service .exe to the correct location.

View log files with process information

Log files are created for each process attempting to add, remove or edit entries in the system registry. These can be inspected in distinct text documents, where you can find out the date and time of the event, full path to the process, parent process file, and other practical info.

To make changes to how the service behaves, you can open and edit the rules, exclusions and configuration files. For example, it’s possible to protect certain processes from the service (allow them to make registry modifications) by indicating their folder, disable logging, set a different location for creating logs, and delete old logs.

Simple and effective registry protector

The service worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests and had minimal impact on PC performance. All aspects considered, NoVirusThanks Registry Guard Service offers a simple and effective solution for protecting the registry when it comes to unwanted modifications.

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