NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool

Quickly and permanently erase files or folders from your computer by turning to this lightweight application that features a simple configuration menu.

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NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool Description

Working with sensitive data can sometimes put yours and your computer’s security in jeopardy, especially if some of the documents are accessed by unauthorized users.

Fortunately, you can rely on third-party software solutions, such as NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool, that can help you quickly and permanently erase files that you no longer need.

Smooth layout

This application packs a minimalistic, clean design that organizes its functions in a neat manner, thus making them highly accessible to a wide range of users.

It also features a simple configuration menu, which can be displayed by clicking the dedicated Settings tab in the main window. However, no form of local help documentation is provided to you, thus making it impossible to turn to a standard user guide in case you encounter difficulties.

Wipes files or folders

You can turn to NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool if you need to permanently remove certain documents from your computer in a simple, effective manner.

Accomplishing this task can be done in an easy manner, you just need to add the target items in the list, whether they are files or entire folders, and click the Erase button.

However, you should be aware that this tool permanently removes documents from your computer, beyond recovery point. Therefore, caution is advised whenever you are wiping files with this tool.

Handy configuration menu

Clicking the Settings tab inside the main window enables you to access the configuration section, where you can modify a series of parameters without significant effort.

For instance, you can toggle system shutdown when the process is finished, integrate the utility’s functions into Windows’ context menu and set it to ask for confirmation before file removal. More so, you can choose from several wipe methods that range from 1 to 100 passes, according to your needs.

Lightweight file wiping tool with useful configuration menu

All things considered, NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool is a reliable application that can help you permanently remove files from your computer in a quick, efficient manner. It features a minimalistic user interface, straightforward functions and a handy configuration menu. However, it does not pack any form of local help documentation.

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