Notes Keeper

Take notes, then insert pics, tables and files, password-protect them or export them to RTF, all due to this straightforward and intuitive application.

  • Notes Keeper
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sami Jildeh

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Notes Keeper Description

When working on your school assignments or a lengthy work report, you do not necessarily need to turn to expensive software in order to ensure your projects are high-quality. There are several apps that can rise to your expectations without requiring you to spend a small fortune on them – such a tool is Notes Keeper.

Create customizable notes and organize them in folders

You need to start by creating a database where your future notes will be stored, then add as many entries as you like – you can make sure you keep all your notes neatly organised by grouping them in folders or assigning them relevant tags.

When creating a new note, you can format your text (italic, bold, underline and strikethrough are all supported), as well as change the letter case to your liking or insert the current time and date.

Encrypt your notes or export them to standalone files

One of the features that helps Notes Keeper stand apart when compared to other similar apps is that it enables you to protect your records with a password of your choosing. This passcode will be required every time someone attempts to access a note, and unless they enter the correct one, the contents will not be visible.

On the other hand, you can also export an entry to a standalone file, such as RTF or TXT, so as to share it with friends without any hassle.

Insert notes, tables, files within each note

In addition to sporting an attractive and user-friendly interface, Notes Keeper also comes with a wide range of functions that help you come up with exhaustive notes. For example, you can insert custom tables, images or files, so you no longer need to switch between apps for viewing an image or setting up a table.

Last but not least, Notes Keeper is a portable app, so as long as you create your database within the same folder as the executable, you can carry your notes on a removable drive and have them within reach whenever needed.

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