Create, open and save text documents in an intuitive app for Windows 10 devices, which also supports source code files, autosave, spellchecker, and more.

  • NotepadX
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Sönke Köhn

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NotepadX Description

NotepadX is a simple and elegant text editor dedicated to users running Windows 10 devices. It has handy options for viewing, editing and creating standard text documents. It supports the three control characters available for Windows (CRLF), Unix (LF) and Mac (CR) along with different encoding modes and line display.

Elegant text editor for Windows 10 devices

The tool can be effortlessly downloaded and installed via the Windows Store using your Microsoft account. Afterward, you can pin it to your Start Screen for easy access.

The interface of NotepadX is clear-cut, showing an initially empty document with a dark grey background, line numbers in white, and the toolbar wrapped in a blue area. You can start writing a new document right away or open an existing file from your hard drive.

Supports plain text and source code files

In addition to TXT, the text editor offers support for C, CFG, CSS, CSV, HTML, INI, JAVA, JS, LOG, PHP, SQL, SRT, VB and XML, among others. Unfortunately, syntax highlights aren’t implemented.

You can view the line numbers together with the total characters, character count of selection, row and column number of the cursor’s current position, as well as the file’s current size in a status bar displayed above the editing area.

Set the encoding mode, find and replace words

Moreover, you can pick the preferred control character and encoding mode, whether it’s UTF-8, ASCII (1252), Unicode (Big Endian) or another. The toolbar has buttons for opening and saving the document, finding and replacing keywords, jumping to a line number, cutting, copying, pasting and selecting all text, undoing and redoing your actions. Keyboard shortcuts are supported.

Enable spellchecking and autosaving

It’s also possible to send the saved file via email, lock the file to prevent accidental editing (no password), print the contents, change the font face and style, activate a spellchecker and word wrapping mode, and enable autosaving mode. Separate settings can be configured for the appearance when it comes to the design (light, lighter, darker), language, headline, toolbar position, and other aspects.

Attractive text editor for Windows 10 users

All aspects considered, NotepadX proves to be a practical text editing app for Windows 10 users that put emphasis on style. In addition to its attractive interface, it has practical features, such as autosaving and spellchecking. Too bad that syntax highlights aren’t supported, though.

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