Norconex Commons Lang

Java library with multiple utility classes for XML configuration, enhanced map, time, URL and file-related activities, data unit conversion, I/O streams, and others.

  • Norconex Commons Lang
  • Version :1.12.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Norconex

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Norconex Commons Lang Description

Norconex Commons Lang is a free and open-source Java library that includes multiple utility classes to help developers who work on projects using the Java API. It’s wrapped in a very small package, taking up little disk space.

It features classes for configuring XML files to improve portability, usability and management, enhanced maps that can replace Properties and add various types of classes (such as boolean, integers and file), and support for data unit conversion and readable formatting.

The library also includes time-related classes, such as YearMonthDay for dates without time and YearMonthDayInterval for date ranges without time, along with URL-related classes for mutable links, setting and retrieving query parameters (QueryString), normalizing URLs and customizing URL streaming settings.

In addition to these utility classes, Norconex Commons Lang has classes for handling files and directories (for example, converting any strings to file names compatible with the OS, obtaining the head or tail or files, or generating folder structures based on time), for handling I/O streams (cache input streams to read again later, stream in reverse, and others), as well as miscellaneous classes, like sleeper, pipeline, long unique ID generator, text encryptor and decryptor, and searching for classes in classpath, directories and jars.

System requirements

  • Java

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