NooBoss for Chrome

Manage all your Chrome apps and extensions with the help of this addon that keeps track of each and every modification happening in the browser.

  • NooBoss for Chrome
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NooBoss for Chrome Description

Enhancing Chrome browser with extensions can lead to multiple advantages, but if you are overly enthusiastic and your collection becomes a bit difficult to manage, you may need a software solution to come to your aid.

NooBoss for Chrome is one such addon that can take a look at all your extensions, letting you be in full control over their behavior.

Can manage all your Chrome apps, extensions, and themes

All you need to do in order to start managing your Chrome apps and extension is click on NooBoss’ icon in the toolbar, which automatically prompts you with lots of handy info.

In the “Overview” section you can see all your apps, extensions, and themes as well as several recommendations in matter of addons for the websites you are visiting. However, in order for this function to be active, you need to give it permission to collect data regarding your online activity.

As for precisely how you can manage your extensions, you can easily enable or disable them either individually or in bulk, with several filters close at hand.

Lets you selectively enable addons for your favorite websites

Other than that, there is another exciting feature allowing you to create rules that indicate when Chrome extensions should be active. You can associate specific addon with websites of your choice and limit their activity to this portion of the web.

Needless to say, NooBoss can send notifications whenever changes occur, with the possibility of choosing their duration.

Since NooBoss can keep a detailed log of all your Chrome apps, extensions, and themes, it provides you with comprehensive info about each and every item you may have installed. The version, state, and description of each item on the list are displayed along with a link to the corresponding CRX file and much more.

Chrome extension manager that packs a host of handy tools

All in all, NooBoss for Chrome is a useful piece of software that can maintain the order within your browser addon collection. It comes with handy tools and notification capabilities while also being able to prompt you with recommendations for a prodigious web experience.

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