Uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network.

  • Nmap
  • Version: 7.50
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Gordon Lyon

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Nmap Description

If you want to efficiently manage your network or make sure it is secure enough, you need to rely on a powerful application such as Nmap, a cross-platform software solution.

Since it is especially created for experts, Nmap is a commandline tool that can only be operated using the correct syntax and commands, whereas those who prefer apps with a graphical user interface are advised to try Zenmap (it features the same functionality as Nmap).

It can be used to create network inventories or to manage schedules for service upgrades, as well as to track host or service uptime. Although it can efficiently work against a single host, the application truly shows its strongpoints only when scanning large networks.

Nmap can scan your network inventory and display the type of information you require, such as hostnames, IP addresses, filters, routers and so on, all within seconds, without any delay. Before proceeding with a network scan, you can specify whether you have full privileges or if you lack raw socket rights.

In addition, after it processes raw IP packets, it can identify the services offered by the available hosts on the network then provide details on the operating systems they are running. Furthermore, Nmap can also be used to obtain data regarding the packet filters and firewalls currently in use on the target hosts.

Also, it needs to be mentioned that Nmap comes with extensive documentation, so it is only up to you to invest some time in analyzing it, so as to be able to make the most out of this application.

All in all, Nmap can prove to be very helpful to all those who need to manage large networks and want to examine them thoroughly, with an accurate app.

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