A software utility that downloads binaries from Usenet newsgroups and allows you to scan multiple servers at once, as well as adjust the download speed.

  • NewsReactor
  • Version :20151024.11
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DaanSystems

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NewsReactor Description

Usenet newsgroups are, at their core, discussion board that are similar to Internet forums, although they are very outdated and not very popular nowadays. There still are, however, people who use them and you can find a wide variety of news servers that are still functional even today, albeit not that populated.

Connect to the preferred newsgroups or let the application detect them for you

NewsReactor is a software utility designed to facilitate the access to such resources and allow you to easily connect and use the information that is still stored and posted over these Usenet servers. More explicitly, it enables you to access binary newsgroups, which deal primarily in the exchange of various types of files and documents.

In order to connect to such a server, the application requires you to enter its address, as well as the login credentials, in case they are required for that particular connection. Moreover, if you are not aware of any resource of this kind, the utility can automatically scan the network and deliver a list of available newsgroups, which can then be accessed whenever you desire.

Read messages and download file attachments

After you have connected, you can start browsing for the items you are searching for, by scrolling through the list of available threads and posts. Beside being able to read them, you can also respond and take part in conversations. Despite this, the other major purpose of the network is file sharing, although the rather low connection speeds and small number of people make it rather unfeasible nowadays.

NewsReactor, on the other hand, offers you the ability to grab the desired documents and save them on your computer, as well as directly execute them once they have been downloaded. In case you just want to save them for later, the files can be quickly added to the queue and stored in a list until you are ready to download them to your hard drive.

Closing arguments

Even though the Usenet might not be a lively playground with large amounts of content, you can still make use of the newsgroups that are still active. Hence, NewsReactor is a useful application you can employ to connect and navigate around them, as well as save the items that interest you and engage other people in conversation.

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