Easy-to-use and streamlined feed reader that makes it easy to follow news and get updates from your favorite websites on all your Windows 10 devices.

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Newsflow Description

Nowadays, we get our news from so many websites that it gets very difficult to keep track of everything if you’re just using a web browser to read new articles. However, you can turn to a purpose-built feed reader to have everything in one place.

Newsflow is a feature-packed yet intuitive feed reader that downloads news directly to your device, enabling you to read them at any time. It offers numerous customization options and features a user-friendly GUI.

Follow news easily from all your Windows 10 devices

Naturally, there won’t be any feeds available when you first start the app, so you’ll have to find some. The application provides you with a powerful search function, so it should all be pretty simple.

Once you have added some websites, the application will download content directly onto the device, so you will even be able to access it offline. Moreover, your data is automatically synchronized between all your Windows 10 devices.

Organize your news sources and read articles comfortably

When adding a new feed, you can specify whether or not you want it to be shown in the main menu, and it is even possible to organize multiple sources into a single category.

In-depth customization of the notification settings and display options is available for each feed, making it easy to tune everything until it is to your liking.

With Newsflow, there is no need to open articles in a web browser, and the application even allows you to view GIF animations and play YouTube or HTML videos.

UWP feed reader that sports a sleek, customizable UI

This app comes with an impressive set of features, and the user interface certainly doesn’t disappoint. It is very intuitive, and many parameters can be altered if the default setup doesn’t agree with you. Of course, a dark theme is also available.

All in all, Newsflow is one of the best feed readers you will find for the Windows 10 platform, so don’t hesitate to try it out. It is easy to use, features a modern UI and provides you with an extensive set of tools.

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