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Read news from all over the world with this easy to use application that integrates with Internet Explorer and receives feeds from 74 sources.

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News Reader Description

News Reader is a lightweight program that creates a direct browser link to a news hub that receives feeds from the most popular press websites.

Integrates with Internet Explorer

Anyone interested in the daily local, regional or world news will find this tool quite useful in keeping up with the latest headlines. The wide array of subjects covered by the source websites means it is not particularly addressed to specialized readers (i.e. investors), but caters to the general public.

The tool integrates with the Windows Internet Explorer, which means it shares the host program’s interface. The news hub that is accessed when the application runs features an easy to use GUI, which is mildly dotted with ads. Changing between press agents is performed by using the two list boxes.

Allows reading the news from multiple major sources

News Reader is a resource that, in essence, instructs Internet Explorer to open a specific website each time users log in. It should be noted that the program creates a startup entry that will immediately launch the news hub, once the user has logged in.

There are numerous options to choose from, when browsing the news providers. Many of the popular choices are available, such as BBC World, CNN World, Fox World, Google World or NBC World. A nice feature is that users can browse two providers at the same time!

Shows great potential for improvement

Future version could vastly enhance on the functionality of the application, for example, by employing news filters and categories. Although there are 74 providers from which to choose from, these are, essentially, only variations on the five big names mentioned previously. More local or regional sources should be added, in order to reach a wider audience.

To conclude, News Reader is a flexible news feed software that integrates with Internet Explorer and allows users to browse press releases from the comfort of their own home.

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