New PDF Utility for Windows

A PDF editor with integrated media file management options, file sharing capabilities, and editing tools for letters, notes, and spreadsheets.

  • New PDF Utility for Windows
  • Version:1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Accessory Software

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New PDF Utility for Windows Description

The New PDF Utility for Windows should primarily be a PDF editor but, despite its name, it can also process PDF, RTF, RTE, HTM, and HTML files. This application brings together under the same roof a document editor, a photo enhancer, a note editor, a spreadsheet editor, all put alongside a cloud sharing tool and an email manager.

The purpose of this conglomerate of tools is to allow you to add new content to a document much faster. Nevertheless, as shown below, the way the modules are combined is not too well thought-through.

Interface that requires much more work

Although easy to get around in, the interface could use more work to make buttons not overlap and options not disappear when resizing the window. Also, it seems that some of the panels cannot be resized at all. Nevertheless, a plus here is the generous style list you can choose from to change the appearance of the application.

Forgetting the interface and focusing more on features, we could mention that the rich text file editor comes with the basic text manipulation tools.  Moving further, the picture enhancer can process any photo on your computer and then add it to the document in the previous tab. There are drawing tools and a shape library, text manipulation tools, and photo filters.

Embedded spreadsheet and note editor

There is an editor specifically designed for letters and notes, which features line numbering and syntax highlighting, resembling more like a source code editor than a note editor. Even so, it enables you to write text and send it to the original document with a click.

The spreadsheet editor can open file from Access, SQLite, Excel, and Firebird, allowing you to download the files and preview the tables, then send them to the original document.

File sharing via cloud services or email

Last but not least, the New PDF Utility for Windows comes with options to connect to online file sharing services, such as Google, flickr, Facebook or Dropbox.

Probably intended to fit all the sharing options into one window, the email sender is displayed next to the cloud sharing options. And with options to receive emails, create new ones, reply and forward, it seems more like a full-featured mail client, rather than a simple “share via email” option.

A good idea, ungraceful implementation

There are a few features that come in handy, such as the document favorites collection, data grouping, and the three editors. The concept of this application is to create or edit photos, spreadsheets, and text files in the same window where the PDF (or rich text document) is edited, and then be able to append the result.

However, the implementation of the idea lacks coherence and, therefore, the interface needs further work, and not all the features work as expected. Moreover, we could say that some of the functions are a bit too much to include in the same window (i.e. the email client, which is surely not necessary).

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