NetworkActiv AUTAPF

Configure the TCP and UDP ports forwarding on your computer with the help of this comprehensive and professional software solution.

  • NetworkActiv AUTAPF
  • Version :2.2.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NetworkActiv

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NetworkActiv AUTAPF Description

Also known as tunneling, port forwarding is a very effective method of preserving public IP addresses, protecting servers from unwanted access and, evidently, limiting the access to and from your network. Another advantage of port forwarding is the fact that it enables you to connect to computers from your LAN via the Internet.

While simple in theory, port forwarding usually requires a lot of under-the-hood work to get the best of it, therefore, specialized software solutions are more than welcomed, regardless of your computer experience.

NetworkActiv AUTAPF is one of those powerful apps designed with a singular purpose: to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your network infrastructure and get the most out of port forwarding.

Run it as portable or install it on your computer

Right off the bat, it needs to be mentioned that the program can run straight out of the box or it can be installed, the choice is yours.

Therefore, you can carry the app with you everywhere you go, as the app can run from any external storage device.

Comprehensive and information-packed main window

The application comes with a streamlined and pragmatic user interface that enables you to access the app’s main features via a simple menu bar.

The main window is information-packed and it displays comprehensive details about the current number of threads, the status of selected operations, sessions and the port-forwarding operations.

Since the main window is basically the place where the application displays information, configuring the utility is possible via multiple menus, easily accessible from the Settings menu.

Advanced port-forwarding and networking features

The tool can also capture data transfer from UDP and TCP ports, split and multiplex UDP datagrams in multiple directories, as well as filter clients by IP address.

Another noteworthy feature is the fact that this app rocks both a standalone interface and a web-based one accessible from any web browser.

User-friendly app designed for all categories of users out there

All in all, NetworkActiv AUTAPF is a handy and user-friendly application that not only speeds up the whole process of port forwarding, but it actually makes it accessible even for beginner computer users.

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