Network Monitor

An application designed to provide users with network monitoring capabilities from a single, comprehensive graphical user interface.

  • Network Monitor
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :HHD Software

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Network Monitor Description

Network Monitor is a detailed and powerful network activity monitor that features real-time tracking and allows users to save log files. The program can capture and record all the data that the host computer transfers over IP connections.

The software allows monitoring data traffic and is highly valuable for network administrators

The application is useful for anyone who is in the business of monitoring a network. System administrators will find it a particularly valuable resource, as will anyone who is interested in thoroughly monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic.

As with most powerful programs, users might struggle at start to understand the basic functions. The software features all the three interface main navigation options (menus, tabs and buttons), and one might even say that all these items are plentiful to the point of dazzling first-time users.

One can keep track of all network activity, regardless of the devices involved

However, the initial setback is quickly overcome, as users quickly discover that the myriad buttons are just quick-links for simple program functions, such as packet navigation and line drawing.

Once started, Network Monitor automatically loads all relevant devices. Users can then select which items to monitor for traffic. One of the great features is that users are free to add more than one source, effectively batch monitoring several resources at any one time.

Analyses can produce very detailed statistics, updated in real time

There are multiple methods of viewing the actual network activity, including via statistics regarding device throughput. These are updated in real time and are a very powerful method of generating very intuitive and informative charts.

All things considered, Network Monitor is a very effective network activity monitor that can be employed in order to generate highly accurate traffic analyses.

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