A reliable and powerful analysis tool that can easily be used to test your network and see how a VoIP system would perform if it is installed.

  • NetQuality
  • Version :3.14
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :RzK GmbH

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NetQuality Description

NetQuality is an application especially designed to help you and others analyze networks in order to assess their suitability for VoIP. With it you are able to record VoIP properties before you commence to install the actual hardware, thus saving you valuable time and possibly money.

The application uses three methods in order to perform the tests. One implies the use of a RTP Simulation via ICMP Echo, the second uses VoIP conversations with a UDP test client and the last, utilizes authentic conversations generated through a device.

The application displays a comprehensive interface, well suited for both novice and experts. When run, it provides a small window from where you can choose to perform an automatic analysis, test with Echo, generate packets to study the sender and receiver, or just use the Echo method.

All tasks are automated and require very little of your time and participation in the entire process. With a few clicks you are able to measure jitter, delay and packet loss. You perform the analysis on a custom IP range, set the interval, choose the packet size and the number of UDP ports for Echo.

When testing with Echo, the application provides two windows from where you can configure both packet generator and receiver ends. You are allowed to choose the type of destination (MAC, IP-Ping or IP-UDP), select the IP address, packet length, frequency delay, burst count and more.

Apart from the previously mentioned, the application can obtain pseudocalls using real effects from the net, includes a webserver that can download UDP echoclient software and supports results exporting to TXT, HTML and SQL formats. Moreover, it can generate graphs for packet loss, delay and jitter.

System requirements

  • Network connection

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • The maximum testlength in profile mode is 10 seconds
  • Number of echo tests in one test sequence is limited to 20.
  • The option of permanent testing is disabled

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